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NEXFIL has become a global competitive company for its unsparing investments in film research and development as well as its construction of cutting edge production  facilities. As a result. NEXFIL has attracted numerous high profile clients around the world. At present 93% of the total production is exported to over 60 countries. With products like the hybrid technology Dynasty series and the high-end First Class series, NEXFIL has become the world best in window film technology.

NEXFIL will keep raising its high quality standards and strive to expand the window films market base so that more people have access to the benefits of window films. 


In a world-first, Nexfil succeeded in developing window film that can reject 99.9% of near-infrared ray spectrum which has much stronger heat than the visible ray spectrum or ultraviolet radiation. This product launch confirmed the industry-leading role of NEXFIL in heat-rejection film production. Additionally, the recent introduction of 50  multi layering system allows for film superior in transparency, heat-rejection and insulation. Finally, the First Class series features the world’s best heat-rejection rate in the visible ray spectrum.


The complete production chain for all existing window films types is owned and operation in-house by Nexfil. As such, Nexfil can product film types such as sputter, chip-dyed, ceramic, silver, safety film. Ownership of the complete production chain allows for efficient, streamlined production processed. Nexfil can produce approximately 270,000m₂ of film on a daily basis


Nexfil’s ownership of the complete film production chain allows it to product customized window films. Through thoroug analysis of country’s environment, in combination with other date, fully customized films can be produced according to the customer needs. Customization in coloring, base material concentrations and performance is available, satisfying and customer’s requests.


Nexfil films feature world-class durability through the oxidation-preventing coating technology. In addition, all our films have their resistance level tested by exposing them to ultraviolet rays, visible infrared rays, as well as other infrared radiation, which all influence a film’s lifespan.


For over 20 years, Nexfil window films have been exported to over 60 countries worldwide, where they are used by numerous individuals and organizations on their buildings and cars. High quality products combined with excellent customer care are among the reasons named by our customers why they keep coming back to us. Additionally, the national Korea Energy Management Corporation has verified and acknowledged the superior performance and durability of Nexfil films.


Branch offices have ben established in the Netherlands, the US, China and Vietnam to ensure smooth logistics and customer care in every region. Moreover, as customer needs for window films differ per region, the local experts at our branch offices will ensure tailored solutions for all situations.

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NEXFIL will strive to improve the quality of the global Windows film market and promise to expand its base so that more people can benefit from Windows Film.

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